Mental Illness Understood

How to Schedule for a Better Mental Health

Decide Your Routine

Establishing a positive daily routine is both a self-investment and a way to do your best for the rest of the world. It also provides additional benefits, such as giving you structure, building forward-moving habits, and creating momentum that will carry you on the days when you feel like you don’t have the strength to carry yourself.

Try to keep things as normal as possible. Getup and go to bed at your usual time. Follow your usual routines. Plan how you’ll spend your day with forward-moving habits and pin you plan up on the wall. If you aren’t happy with your usual routine, it can also be a good time to do things differently. Schedule for improved health overall and stick to your plan.

For example, going to bed earlier and if you live with others, try to agree on a household routine and give each other space. Don’t part yourself too much from people but relax and take time out. Schedule times when you wish to speak with household members and spend valuable time talking and having good honest relaxing fun.

Remember to always schedule a routine and change it from time to time to keep you interested. Sometimes suffering from mental illnesses can mean keeping it simple but being bored can create a mood. Spend time getting used to how you feel and change your surrounding from time to time and do some tasks that interest you.

If you feel bored, try placing a soothing song on that makes you feel calm and calculate how long it takes before you need to place something else on that interests you and soothes your mind. You’ll get used to knowing when to unwind and place some relaxing music on.

There are millions of soothing songs on YouTube that are designed to keep you calm and in a good mood. You can even get songs that are designed to release the mind from a hectic day. Place your favourite routine songs on when you feel things are getting a little hard for you and release your mind to create karma into your day.

Try to Keep Active

Building physical activity into your day can make a big difference in how you feel. There are all kinds of options for staying active at home, including dancing, cleaning, going up and downstairs, online workouts and sitting less. These days there are millions of online courses for activities in the home from education to mind body and soul exercises.

Think Sunshine, Fresh Air and Nature

It is possible to get the possible effects of nature while staying indoors. You could try opening the windows, arranging a comfortable place to sit with a view of the trees or the sky. Arrange your room with plants and nice pictures and decorate it to bring karma into the home.

Looking at photo’s of your favourite natural places, listening to natural sounds like birdsong or ocean waves will bring peace into your mind. Allowing your time alone to be peaceful and rewarding forward-moving habits to complete the duties you may have planned for the day. Decorate your room with plants. You may be able to buy flowers or seeds from online delivery.

Relax, be Creative and Spend Your Time Well

There are lot’s of ways to unwind, take notice of the present and use your creative side. You could try drawing, painting, DIY, colouring, mindfulness, playing an instrument. singing, listening to music, writing, yoga or meditation. Or why not have a spring clean, clear out you’re inbox or write emails or letters to friends and family.

Give yourself a break. If you have an unproductive or bad day just hold tight and start fresh tomorrow. We all react and cope differently in times like this. There’s no right or wrong if you remain calm and calculated to planning your time at home, in the garden or on a nature walk.

Avoid sharing negative content and watching too much news: most of what we learn from the news is out of control. Update yourself on what’s essential and binge on the news.

Use all of your senses to saviour some good positive things. For example, use perfumes or aftershaves and enjoy their small, or feel the smoothness of materials. And be a child again: catch up with things that used to be fun when you were young and remember about the happy times you had in your life.

Keep Your Brain Stimulated

Try to set time aside in your routine for keeping your brain occupied. Read books, magazines and articles. Listen to podcasts, watch films and do puzzles. Some libraries now have apps so members can borrow ebooks, audiobooks and magazines too.

Think about things that make you happy and detach yourself from negative thoughts by triggering your memory of old times when you were happy. Write a poem about something that reminds you of the great times and read it out to family members

If you’re feeling anxious it might help to plan a safe space in your home that you can go to if you have panic attacks or flashbacks. Finding ways to distract your mind can help too. Breathing exercises, games and puzzles can all be used.

If you’re feeling claustrophobic or trapped open the windows and let the fresh air in. Spend time in the garden if you have one. And regularly change the rooms you spend time in.

A simple grounding technique is noticing five things you can see, four things you can feel, three things you can hear, two things you can smell and one thing you can taste. Rather than getting stuck in your own awareness of your body.

Schedule a time when you feel pressurised for forward-moving habits and sync your mind to plan your evening especially if you have just finished a day at work. Relax and think about feeling calm and place yourself in a relaxing mood and do the things you love.


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Mental Illness Understood

Healthy Minds for Love, Honesty & Contentment

Recovering from a mental illness can be really soul-destroying at times, especially not having a real meaning for life. It’s far more important to seek professional assistance before it gets out of hand.

The choice to accept professional treatment with the less favoured generic medication or with great herbal remedies you’ll learn lot’s from my website here at Dedicated Direction about myself and my battle for recovery.

If you follow my steps and read my true stories about mental health problems, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time reading my website and hopefully find love, honesty and contentment in your life again.

The choice is yours and as long as you feel great with my advice and personal assistance towards knowing there is a way to succeed I’m happy to help and give you my own personal health story from some years ago to give you some idea of my personal struggles.

Finding Love, Honesty and  Contentment

Mental illnesses must be addressed accordingly for families to help us into a normal social life of love, honesty and contentment.  We can continue to fight for our freedom to release the mind for a normal daily life if we understand the basics of what we are going through.

Don’t worry about what others think about you because your medical team will assist you through therapy and advice on how to deal with your daily life. Most psychiatrists treat loneliness, extremely well providing you find the right psychiatrist for you to assist you in your recovery to become more active in your daily lives again.

Sometimes we have too much stress from jobs and feel more refreshed as a person when we have to accomplish far more than what is expected of us to achieve and we are then we are rewarded. However, it’s far better to take small steps to accomplish success than risk even more stress. Of course, some people are designed to take on difficult jobs more frequently but not all of us.

I found that my accomplishments were not enough and took on more energetic work than I could handle in the forms of teaching at a high level as a homeroom teacher and headteacher overall.

This affected my health and constantly made me think too much about what I needed to do to make tomorrow a better day. Talking about it now I regret taking on extra workloads when I already had far too much to do already.

My mind was set on constant improvements for the school. Finding love, honesty and contentment is far more important than working oneself into the ground, something I know so much about today on how I would never have to go through a bad experience again.

There are many problems we may need to address such as relationship breakup, a death or problem with a family member. I lived overseas for years and came back. The problem was I had changed so much I didn’t even realise until people started to tell me I didn’t make much sense, then I realised I had a problem that needed addressing and soon.

I had changed so much from living in South East Asia for five years that I hadn’t realised I had a problem with fitting in again back in England which took some time to recover. I had only returned home once, survived the Tsunami in 2004 and spent most of my time impressing my employers I had forgot about England.

However, with professional help from a medical team, I recovered. I called it reverse culture shock but as soon as I told the doctors I had a mental breakdown in 2006 they knew I had been suffering for a long time with a large dose of stress without receiving treatment and on my own most of the time.

I was convinced everything spiritually and mentally had changed at home in England and it all seemed outdated in terms where everyone seemed so unhappy.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Asia but of course, that thought was a disillusion, to say the least as I needed help and fast before I became someone that didn’t accept love, honesty and contentment as a norm something I believe we all should find in our lives.

Please read my review of ASTRAGALUS for basic health issues that may occur with poor health in general. Treatment of mental health often means dealing with all health issues regardless to block them from a long recovery in general.


Ancient healers for thousands of years have trusted astragalus for strengthening immunity—and merely relying only on the strong evidence-based success of using the plant through their own practices to know what it can do.

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Everyone Hurts Sometimes

Everybody feels sad at times and for some people, it can be for a prolonged period of time. They should not use the word ‘depressed’ to replace their feelings of sadness or to describe being upset about a football result or a game of tennis. Feeling sad and feeling depressed are two different things.

Depression does include the component of being sad but is not a medical term so to speak. Depression has serious symptoms of fatigue a lack of strength to talk about problems with friends. Finding empathy and true pleasure in living is everyone’s dreams and at times seems a million miles away.

Feeling suicidal, isolated with an inability to function to complete everyday tasks which are usually no problem at all can leave us frustrated.

Having a low or increased appetite to name a few can result in the inability and loss of meeting friends or family, in turn, having a prolonged recovery.

The smallest problems can sometimes add up to much more of a problem later if we don’t read the signs or listen to those that love us. Remember love, honesty and contentment must always come first.

Some People Don’t Like Change

I had changed far too much for my family to understand me. My actions and decisions weren’t real to them and I understood why. The more we spend away from our families the more they forget about us and our well-being as far as worrying for us is concerned.

It’s not that they don’t love us less they just begin to trust our independence hence they get into a routine of spending many years away from us as a  family member and speaking less often.

People change from absorbing other cultures which is a great benefit but not to an extent their own families don’t recognise them anymore on return.

This was my problem and I excepted it and got professional help. It was the finest decision I had to make in all my life and it was the one that meant me writing this for you today and been able to express myself today as someone that excepts love honestly and contentment as the norm and a precious feeling of well-being.

How to Recover from a Mental Illness

With early diagnosis and treatment, many people fully recover from their mental illness or can manage their symptoms by themselves. However, some people become disabled because of chronic or severe mental illness, many others are able to live full productive lives. Finding a method to recover a little a lot or completely is the key to success and mental strength.

It’s all about the realization of knowing there is a problem doing something about it before it gets out of hand and materialises into a higher state of psychotic suffering.

People tend to compare themselves with others and become much like their friends, those that they have perhaps spent years with.

For me travelling and working abroad meant working in a completely different environment than I was used to but with the same people.

I was the school headteacher which wasn’t easy with my friends working under my authority. I suffered some paranoia and thoughts of my teaching associates speaking about me which did happen but it was Job to be a good teacher and a voice for other teachers when various problems arose about teaching methods or behaviour a relaying the problems the school management.

It took a lot of other things that mounted up over a year for my mental breakdown to progress into a really bad experience including a relationship breakdown due to stress and as mentioned the hard work that included looking after 14 other foreign teachers.

I’ve mentioned some steps below for you to make that realisation to make that move towards recovery with an explanation by helping you realise that sometimes even though we don’t admit to having a problem others especially close family and friends see the difference in us.

    • Being able to make choices.
    • Taking steps to improve the quality of life.
    • Discovering and trying out new things.
    • Working towards future goals.
    • Being part of the local community and make a worthwhile contribution.
    • Having meaningful relationships.
    • Loving and being loved

My mental state of mind meant taking medicine designed to stable the mind and control the problem for some years. With this in mind, I had to think about the damage it could have done to my liver over a long duration of time.

A was prescribed generic medication which can have effects on the liver. This is the reason I was under constant surveillance from a medical team such as a GP and the Home Care Treatment Team back in England making sure there were no long term side effects on my organs with the medical treatment.

These Small steps made sure my body reacted to the medication in a responsive way with no long term effects of taking the medication to heal the mental problem of stress.

I’ve since tried a healthier alternative herbal treatment and Chinese medication to find my health even more to my recovery compared to in the hospital all those years ago. I eat well and drink less as far as my social life goes.

Our liver is a vital organ that deals with the intake of medication and liquids and should be looked after and taken seriously hence the constant surveillance from the Home Care Treatment Team and GP, I had back in 2007

Living with a healthy liver is crucial to the recovery of an illness. Due to my lifestyle abroad, I had pushed my body too far and returning back from overseas I was asked by doctors if they could keep track of my liver with blood tests every three months. Of course, I excepted and there has been no problem.

Basically, they knew I had lived a super social life and were concerned about my wellbeing after suffering from a mental illness previously they wanted to make sure I could fully recover with their help and the medication that was prescribed designed to level the mind.

I’ve listed some of the main categories that are designed to help create a strong liver and stronger mind to continue with your own personal health program you may be on or to improve the functions of your vital organs and overall mental strength of a healthy liver overall.

I would love you to take time to comment below and tell me if you believe that love, honesty and contentment are important to you for a better more stable life and also if you have a story you can share with me. Please also take a look at my program I’ve set out for you in the form of herbal remedies.

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Mental Illness Understood

MDMA & Psychological Dependency

How to Understand About Taking MDMA

Like any drug that you put into your body things are not always so cheerful after its influence wears off. MDMA is not known to be addictive but does have side effects and they can last for what seems an eternity.

A comedown often induces the feelings of a person that is seeking to avoid anxiety while under the influence of a particular other substance.

Comedowns increase the risk of addiction because a person will continue chasing positive feelings before the unfavourable consequences the next day.

Also, ecstasy can easily build psychological dependency and tolerance towards its strength meaning many go back for more to hit the same level which can mean a double dose and more problems later on in life.

Withdrawal from ecstasy can produce serious psychological symptoms and some users may experience physical discomfort. However, the physical effects are typically mild and not life-threatening.

Ecstasy withdrawal symptoms may include psychosis or headaches due to the surroundings the drugs were taken at, especially with the likes of 100k sound systems playing tunes all night.

It’s a drug taken at raves or dance festivals where large bands play to make the inductive part work better on the mind. It can be extremely easy to take to much thinking it’s not working.

It’s simple maths depending on the strength of what to take after the first tablet if your patient to wait to come up from its effects. I prefer to explain never to take MDMA because I know the prolonged effects it has years later on the mind.

Ecstasy is a recreational drug and has never been looked upon as a major problem due to it’s feeling more towards love and a feeling of contentment and also is seen as a fashion drug that comes and goes.

The effects differ from recreational users to hard users and can bring huge amounts of stress when the drug wears off hence the psychological dependency becomes active to want for more each time the drug wears off.

Even when a user hasn’t developed a dependency on ecstasy, the days following consumption of the drug can see them experiencing an unpleasant “comedown” as the brain deals with depletion of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals associated with happiness and pleasure (especially if, as is often the case, other drugs have also been consumed alongside ecstasy).

The Story

Ecstasy – also known by its chemical name 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, and more commonly known by the abbreviation MDMA – is a hallucinogenic stimulant in the substituted amphetamine class of drugs.

First synthesised in 1912, ecstasy rose to prominence as a dance/rave drug in the 1980s and ‘90s thanks to its euphoric and invigorating effects and the feelings of extreme empathy and closeness that it produces in users.

This very effect gained it the title “the love drug” in 1991 for some that lasted in their memories as the best years ever. lifetime friends became trouble-free due to the lack of alcohol with no huge hangovers and less violence. MDMA was common for years and is still common in nightclubs today, especially in the UK.

There were hundreds of names for ecstasy from the original Love Dove, Mitsubishi, Rolex, Dolphin, New Yorker, Biscuit amongst hundreds more. Raving was the place to take ecstasy back in 1991 and many remember the era as the best time ever for friendship at festivals, raves and nightclubs.

What are the Main Side Effects

Physiologically, users may experience increased body temperature and heart rate, which may cause perspiration and the desire to shed clothing. wide eyes and a rapid jaw movement, as well as clenching (a phenomenon known as “gurning”), are also reported effects of the drug.

Dilated pupils, muscle tension, and a pronounced thirst, especially when perspiring heavily, are other symptoms of ecstasy consumption. However, this latter sensation can lead to the consumption of dangerous quantities of water, one of many health risks which can also result from the consumption of ecstasy.

Although it’s rare to have deaths from ecstasy it’s always a risk when taking something your not sure about hence the implementation of ecstasy testing machines in some clubs back in the 1990s

It’s uncommon for users to take the drug midweek been a recreational drug for the nightlife venues around the world like Ibiza, Majorca and Amsterdam from where it has been used for sexual purposes and night clubs.

It’s a stimulant and the body needs action from a higher level which is nothing like Viagra hence so many remember it as the original love drug the ’90s.

It’s known as the best recreational drug on the planet with millions of fewer deaths due to alcohol addiction and alcohol’s terrible consequences on people worldwide that continue to drink too much.

Drinking socially seems to be the harmless method but for some, it’s too late once addicted and the effects are the cause of most anti-social problems today.

In all, I don’t think ecstacy ever went out of fashion but the clubs, puds and rave venues banned it with stringent searches from bouncers or doormen.

In the earlier days, MDMA kept the clubs alive, something that could never happen again with the change of laws and the implementation of the Criminal Justice Bill.  Created to control the Rave scenes in the UK.

After the law changed large venues could not host raves like the M25 raves and many popular raves like Fantasia and Obsession seemed to disappear in a few years with the occasional night hosted in nightclubs but never warehouses.

It’s dangerous to continue the search for something that takes so much serotonin depletion from the brain. It’s really a drug that later on in life takes that love from your life and leaves you without a smile commonly known as depression. Most people I know that did raves for years had a problem later on in life due to psychological dependency back in the day.

I’ve chosen a video that does not represent what MDMA does unless taken in huge amounts and back in 1991 it wasn’t seen to be as bad as this on the dancefloor. If you are affected by serotonin depletion after too many MDMA nights out read the review at the bottom of this page

A 100% Healthy Recovery System today comes in the form of herbal remedies that will help you on the road to mental recovery from MDMA and serotonin depletion. It’s a healthy alternative to generic drugs and comes from natural resources such as plants, flowers and herbs.



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Mental Illness Understood

Mental Health Problems & Emotional Stress

Beat Drugs

The Conditions Involving Emotional Stress

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behaviour (or a combination of these). Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities. Mental illness is common.

A person’s background can have a huge effect later on in life with painful reflections of the past that can determine feelings and emotions in the present life known as emotional stress.

If society if we learned how to deal with mental health problems better it would cure or alleviate many stressful and tormented episodes of people with an illness. Sometimes humans show a misunderstanding which is unfortunately looked upon as a weakness for the sufferer.

Knowing how to understand mental health problems removes doubt in the behaviour of the sufferer in this stressful life of pressure and at time mental anguish.

Emotional stress isn’t life-threatening but there are so many reasons such as bullying or lack of confidence overall that if not addressed can lead to more mental pain.

Some of the signs are domination followed by hardship which makes matters worse. From been well adapted to cope with stress can be a terrible experience for some and can cause a disassociated episode with life in general.

Emotional stress often comes with a loss of something or someone and if untreated can create hardship and pain. One of the action types is the dominant personality. This personality type is described as task-oriented, rather than people-oriented, and is generally characterized as direct, decisive and highly self-confident.

This high emotion can also reflect in a long slow downward slope into depression if continuous success is not accomplished to remain a strong personality in society. This is not a weakness it’s just difficult to sometimes remain a strong figure to win at everything in life as once was the game.

Long-lasting sadness or irritability comes from the weakness of the mind to incorporate regular daily routines.

The problem could be a Mental Illness one that is invisible until something above normal happens such as violence depreciation of authority, lack of motivation or just a full-on mental breakdown.

I’ve listed a natural remedy for a tranquil mind that will help you with stress relief, a natural remedy to get your mind balanced with no side effects and a healthier head start in life.


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To understand this type of mental illness doctors would need to know the psychology of a person’s background to create a picture and answer to why bad choices had been made sometimes including suicide which of course is the worst-case scenario, something none of us wants to happen be it in your life, a member of your family or a friend.

To understand a person’s mental health is important and should be taught and monitored at all stages of life including school. There is also stress created with studies often through exams and peer pressure that can result in

Teachers should be aware of troubled students and take note of suffering to give advice and some words of inspiration and to talk with parents regardless if the student is at university or pre-school, age doesn’t matter we all can be affected at some point in our lives if we have a lack of others watching out for us.

Social withdrawal can affect eating patterns with alcohol and eating problems that go unnoticed behind a locked door. Not eating regular meals and working behind the closed door for too long often gets unnoticed with friends and family.

Friends of friends tend to forget having a new leader on the block, however, it doesn’t mean one has to be upset. Taking offence of others will just make matters worse which is something that needs to be addressed to irradicate any trouble or even violence.

Have you ever noticed that the really popular and successful teens at your school are the ones who weren’t afraid to say what they like and don’t like?

Stress can be tormenting when your friends don’t talk with you anymore especially to be with other friends. Try to be strong and adhere to the list I have written below.

Antidepressants can precipitate mania in a predisposed individual. On average, 8 to 10 years pass between an individual’s first symptoms and an ultimate diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder. Up to 25 percent of patients presenting with depression will be diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder.

To assist with mood, energy, concentration, stress relief, and a sense of well-being it’s better to think about more natural remedies than generic drugs especially known that the drugs industry is so huge it focuses on strength through sales where some drugs can be dangerous if not taken properly money has power.

  1. Pay attention to how you feel and get help ASAP if needed.
  2. Plan ahead and get results done wherever you are or plan to be.
  3. Talk to the person who is pressuring, let him or her know how it makes you feel and tell the person to stop.
  4. Have a secret code to communicate with parents. …
  5. Give an excuse if you don’t wish to be involved in something.
  6. Have friends with similar values and beliefs.

Gangs that leave other kids lonely and unable to cope can be a problem in their own society, something that can cause pressure in their lives if they continue to control others.

Those that have no family or friends often suffer behind a closed-door tormented by the real-life, a huge creation of Psychosis. It’s one of the worst health problems that isn’t addressed these days due to no visual proof behind a locked door.

Remember that you are important. Your life counts, and you can make a difference in this world. If you ever need to talk about this or anything else, feel free to get in touch with me below after the problems I had I’m sure I can help.

The Borderline Illness

A borderline personality disorder is an illness marked by an ongoing pattern of varying moods, self-image, and behaviour. These symptoms often result in impulsive actions and problems in relationships with other people.

This is common with illegal drugs and environments that enable a crime to flourish throughout the community. It creates danger and mental health problems in such societies due to money problems and a gang pressure or society due to the lack of legal rules that should be well established. Buddhist Monk

Once I took a five-year trip around the world, ended up in South East Asia for the whole five years and became quite close to Buddhism. It states that suffering is born of desire and that, therefore, learning to reject desire is the shortest way to end suffering. In turn, this philosophy points out that there’s a “noble eightfold path”, or 8 ways to end suffering, that should be practised freely so that peace and harmony prevail in our lives.

Borderline Illness is the amount of goodness that comes from those that accept the change from a more troubled background to enter into ordaining from a Ministry of Buddhism and there is no one standard ordination process for Buddhist they lead a stress-free untroubled life that reflects Karma for a free untroubled healthy mind.

Many of us have faced physical fatigue, though mental fatigue is a whole different problem. It can be hard to figure out how to fix it (or know how to fix it or where the problem even comes from), though studies show that nerve damage and inflammation can be one of the leading causes of issues like chronic fatigue or brain fog.


✔️ Feeling sad or down.
✔️ Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate.
✔️ Excessive fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt.
✔️ Extreme mood changes of highs and lows.
✔️ Withdrawal from friends and activities.
✔️ Significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping.

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How to Help People with Mental Health Problems

Most people these days understand mental health problems as a weakness due to the strains on life. These days it’s a mood triggered by a memory hence sometimes people speak in groups to not show the sufferer such happenings are going on be it illegal or not it’s called group anti-social behaviour.

It’s important to accept that in modern times there are many pressures to live by with the environments we live in. Many times we have been worried about other people’s mental health. Whether they are a friend, family member or colleague, there are many ways to support somebody you care about and wish to recover.

If you are worried about someone act today. When you are aware there is an issue, it is important not to wait. Waiting and hoping will never come but with some valuable time in getting them some support as soon as possible.

Talking to someone is often the first step to help a person when they are going through a hard time be it a hard time at work, home or school there is always help out there to begin treatment.

This way you can find out what is troubling them and what you can do to help. Most people need professional help through a psychiatrist but some just need a helping hand a few words of direction.

If your feeling down and the symptoms continue it’s important to approach your Mental Health Home Care Team who are experts at helping people from a more relaxed, social environment from where their expertise is second to none, especially when visits are away from the hospital until you begin treatment from the home care team.

Take into account is sleeping is the most important need for recovery and can help us on the road to less stress. Here are a few points about sleeping and how it can help you.

  • By sleeping well helps reduce stress. …
  • If you Sleep enough it can improve your memory. …
  • Did you know sleeping can lower your blood pressure? …
  • When you sleep well it helps your body to fight back. …
  • If you sleep enough it can help you maintain your weight. …
  • When you sleep it puts you in a better mood for the day ahead…

If you get help immediately it will decrease the chances of spending time in the hospital from where you could be sectioned for some time until your conditions become stable enough to become able to go home.

Basically get to the bottom of the problem with professional help as soon as you can decreasing the chances of been sectioned under a more difficult diagnosis and been locked inside for a few weeks at a mental health institute.

Mental Health Home Care Treatment

If you have been placed on high alert and been sectioned into a mental health hospital it can be distressing to get out of the hospital, which can take some time and often means going through a legal trial to be released.

If you keep calm and take your medication, you’ll be put onto the next step into total recovery much sooner, just be patient. This can take time so keep a healthy mind with help from your medication and doctors to access your personal situation. By staying calm and focused always thinking about the reality of the episode and belief in yourself, family and friends, health will return.

If you do spend a while in hospital then when you return home, the Mental Health Home Care Team will visit you once a month which is a much more relaxed meeting about anything you need to explain to them regards to your progress.

At most, they are casually dressed for a more informal approach and listen and talk to you without being intrusive to your problems. Many years ago when I suffered, I was under the Mental Health Home Care Treatment Team which made a lot of difference to my recovery.

They became my friends and still are today and it just so happens it’s from a completely different reason and perspective this time after full recovery.

This is something you can achieve with an acceptance that you do need help. It’s important to understand the problem may not go away without learning something from your treatment team and listening to what they say.

The key is about not worrying too much about being mentally unstable but more about what got you there from the beginning in order for a full recovery never to become mentally unstable again in your life.


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 Mental Health Home Care Treatment 

Mental Health problems

The amount of home care treatment needed depends on your recovery. However, you are always informed by the Community Assessment and Recovery Service if changes are to be made to the service that might reflect on your recoveries such as a cancelled home visit or a changed appointment. They will explain about cancellation but this is extremely rare and at most, the service remains strong to its cause to help you.

Always remember a person’s health in a fast-paced society of high stress is their main reason to help you feel comfortable with your life again and enjoy the moments you once loved and remember with your family and friends.

Talking to people that understand is the most important step to recovery away from overuse of medication. You’ll be surprised by recovery how many people you know have been through some sort of mental health problem such as depression themselves. Some people after recovery often find it easy to help others with their lives which is really important in today’s society.

All mental health problems are hard to overcome if the core of the problem isn’t discussed with a specialised doctor or psychiatrist. It took me years to recover but with the strength of one psychiatrist, my life was changed for the better.

He let me talk about my life, helped me recover far more quickly and helped me understand the treatment they would use and how it will help me. I find it amazing why it took so long previously and then with a simple change of medication my life was changed.

This is something I couldn’t be happier about and I’m far stronger mentally now to move on with life, something you can too if you take the few steps to know you have a problem and want help and advice to become healthier in the mind-body and soul.

I hope you enjoyed my explanation towards a strong healthy mind for the future. Even though it takes a lot of personal work from yourself with your mental health, you will become stronger, more on a level and motivational enough to enter into society as a changed person.

With a strong outlook in life, you’ll progress into a healthy-minded person to love your job. family and friends once more as you move out of those bad times to enter into the main stages of recovery to become confident and more able to trust others and gain great strength to do the things you love again.



✔️ Shielding the brain and nervous system with neuroprotection
✔️ Increasing energy and wellbeing, both mentally and physically
✔️ Fighting subclinical conditions like brain fog and adrenal fatigue
✔️ Better supporting mood disorders, like depression
✔️ Banishing stress, stress symptoms, and stress-caused inflammation


Mental Illness Understood

The Stigma of Living with a Mental Illness


How to beat stress

Overcoming the stigma of mental illness is when someone views you in a negative way because you have a distinguishing characteristic or personal trait that’s thought to be, or actually is, a disadvantage (a negative stereotype)

Stigma is when someone sees you in a negative way because of your mental illness. Discrimination is when someone treats you in a negative way because of your mental illness. Social stigma and discrimination can make mental health problems worse and stop a person from getting the help they need.

Being completely normal living with a mental illness should not exist. No one deserves to live with the stigma associated with a mental illness that does or doesn’t exist be it a struggle or not it’s important to deliver a plan to help those that suffer and not criticise that don’t who come across as different.

The important lesson we should understand as a society is to be compassionate, more informed, more caring and more supportive for those without mental illnesses to improve any situation before it falls into a decline and turns into a more uncontrollable mental health struggle that in less responsive to treatment had it been noticed beforehand.

We should help those that suffer until it’s not too late for them to see the light, the way forward and a future they can trust. Physical or mental abuse exists so we should draw their attention to a more loving and caring life for them to realise that others do care about them, love them and are willing to care for them whatever the reason for the illness.

Good friends and family can increase the strength for recovery.  Bad health creates a bad mind and is so often created by other problematic issues.  Finding the right strength and attitude to help anyone that wants to start a new life, to accomplish with solid foundations for love, honesty and compassion is so often the answer to success and healing.

The Stigma of Bad Behaviour and Addiction

Stigma can pervade the lives of people with mental health problems in many different ways. It diminishes self-esteem and robs people of social opportunities. This can include being denied opportunities such as employment or accommodation because of their illness and also been open to verbal abuse and more.

Service users reported social discrimination in the community, giving accounts of being physically and verbally attacked by strangers and neighbours, their property being vandalised, or being barred from shops and pubs; those with addictions or psychotic illness tended to experience this more than those with non-psychotic illness.

However, with a good line of friendship and family, we can all prosper to heal each other from loneliness and other problems. Trust the process of knowing yourself and those that help you as a route to recovery for each other.

Those that help others often decide to help many more, when they see the difference in a person’s personality and think more towards the stability of others to heal mental stigma. I’ve listed some obvious problems people face in society.

Life often sounds hard like a boring routine? As contradicting as this might sound, some can lose themselves inside the mundane and an unfamiliar lifestyle they are used too including drugs sex and crime.

Outside of our comfort zones, we can start to lose touch with the inner belief which makes us unable to see the opposite effects of being a good person.

Good people often have good friends, strong families and successful educational backgrounds. This does not mean we should sit back and watch those that don’t suffer.

Society can have a temptation that is dangerous. It’s driven by the energy we are often unfamiliar with called addiction. Too much of anything can become a tool for an addictive personality for those that have crossed the line or are heading towards it. If not addressed it can lead to mental suffering later on in life.

Talking openly about mental health is a large step forward as is educating yourself about others that may be suffering. Be conscious about languages and how others may be silently asking for help. A cry for help often comes with lot’s of support from those that care.

  1. Get treatment. You may be reluctant to admit you need treatment.
  2. Don’t let stigma create self-doubt and shame.
  3. Don’t isolate yourself.
  4. Don’t equate yourself with your illness.
  5. Join a support group.
  6. Get help at school.
  7. Speak out against stigma.

Encourage equality between physical and mental illnesses and show compassion for that are suffering. Choose empowerment over shame and grasp onto reality.

If you are struggling with a mental health problem be honest about your treatment by letting those that care, know your feeling stronger, better and more equipped to take on life again and ready to help those that are feeling like you once did.

The stigma of living with a mental illness has wide-reaching effects on people’s education, employment, physical health, and relationships. Although many effective mental health interventions are available, people often do not seek out the care they need.

If you’re aware someone is suffering mentally and needs help it costs nothing to help. Help those that are suffering and decrease the effects that the world is having on us as a human race with the struggles we face each day.


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✔️ Help improve brain fog and memory.
✔️ Balance hormones.
✔️ Reduce stress burnout or adrenal fatigue



Mental Illness Understood

How to Recover from Loneliness & Craving Human Contact



Whats Causes Loneliness Overall?

Loneliness is something that should and is to some extent taken seriously in the medical world and so it should be it kills more young people than anything in the world. Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. How to recover loneliness depends on the reason.

People who are lonely often crave human contact, but their state of mind makes it more difficult to form connections with other people. … Instead, if you feel alone and isolated, then that is how loneliness plays into your state of mind.

It’s 100% a killer on the student circuit with young adults stressed over school, college and university grades each semester and it gets worse. Out of every habit in the world suicide often follows the pain and has established itself as one of the biggest killers in young adults.

Herbal RemediesIt’s hard enough losing someone to stress over exams than those that have continued to use life-threatening drugs knowing very well they are dangerous high-end drugs.  Cocaine and methamphetamine are easy to find and cheap enough to purchase with a few hits a day hence they are even more addictive.

It’s a sad affair that drugs are often used to overcome stress and depression making life easier to accomplish certain goals. The overall problem is the addictive part of taking drugs whenever difficult times come into our lives we may take illegal drugs to ease the worry and pain but those thoughts of taking a drug are usually through dispair.

With feelings of loneliness are at an all-time high, some people to turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and mask these painful emotions. However, addiction is an incredibly lonely disease that only leads to more isolation.

We are here to explore the link between loneliness and addiction and the vicious cycle they can create — and to help you choose a life of recovery. It’s better to have someone that you know around you if your taking drugs other than other drug takers where money often runs out and selling drugs becomes available to you.

It’s a war out there and addicts are right there on the front line as are medics and doctors that treat people from overdoses or pretty much anything drug-related. The path to recovery becomes far more blurred when more frequent drug-taking comes into the equation

This is the main reason for drugs causing loneliness, addicts retreat to their dark unlit rooms to get off the street because they know exactly how dangerous it is and to ease the pain of knowing someone might find out such as family and true friends.

However, feeling lonely isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s when that loneliness comes in two forms either a person that wants a time out likes his/her own space, enjoys the silence or just has things to do at home. The one that has to be addressed is being lonely to hide something such as habits that can take over normal life.

Everyone experiences occasional feelings of anxiety, loneliness, unhappiness, or stress, but when those feelings become chronic you can sometimes turn to external things to distract you or lessen the burden.

Craving human contact is a terrible feeling when you’re lonely but with help from friends and family, there is a chance to kick habits to return to normal life and forget it ever happened. Of course, sometimes we carry emotional scars but beating an addiction to recover from loneliness should be taken seriously and if it is can be beaten.

It’s about rising above that burden of stress to find the right direction to recover which often means opening up and telling your story to someone else.  If you want to comment here in Dedicated Direction as an anonymous poster.  I will get back to you ASAP and create a good plan for you to follow if you need help.

Please check out the herbal extracts on Dedicated Direction such as the one below to assist you in your healthy lifestyle giving you a better outlook in life and assisting you with your recovery.


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Mental Illness Understood

Suffering from a Psychotic Experience and Need Help

Psychosis comes in many forms and all have to be addressed immediately not just for the sufferer but also the public such as family, friends and people in general. Mild symptoms often can be picked up in the form of habits,  left untreated can escalate into serious moods swings, hearing voices, mind games and unrealistic comments.

If you’re suffering from a psychotic experience and need help the easiest most important action is to seek help from doctors and family members. Just talking to someone openly can change the whole experience overall and guide you to recovery.

I know so much about this topic I could write a book so I’ll get straight to the point. Leaving a person to figure out his own problems can lead to loneliness which in turn leads to voices often made up in his or her own mind. It’s a terrible episode in a person’s life where reality seems to vanish and Psychotic behaviour takes over.

The problem here is that this reflects on serious mood swings like a bad character from a book that has left someone hanging. It’s common with high drug abuse including alcohol and even mild cannabis and has huge demands on the brain if overused.

If a person continues to take it they can end with a psychosis they can’t control, only doctors can, even then it could be in the form of a lockdown in a mental institute for a few weeks or more.

It’s a symptom of serious mental disorder becomes normal in society from where many cases are missed due to sufferers been homeless or untrackable from the police or mental institutes. They may have walked out of on previous lockdowns which happens a lot after half recovery.

People who are experiencing psychosis may have either hallucinations or delusions. Hallucinations are sensory experiences that occur within the absence of an actual stimulus. The person experiencing psychosis may also have thoughts that are contrary to actual evidence and can also lead to self-harm.

Treatment with antipsychotics is the most common therapy for people with a psychotic illness. Antipsychotics are effective at reducing psychosis symptoms in psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, but they do not themselves treat or cure underlying psychotic illnesses that need far more treatment such as psychiatrist therapy and regular home care treatment.

Even though a person feels 100% normal again he/she may be on treatment for life which means constant observation to check the liver and other organs are not affected by the medication prescribed after long term recovery through treatment. Having a psychotic experience isn’t a nice feeling and tears away at reality the more it’s not treated.

Some people seem to live with psychosis as normal but stand out like a black sheep in a field. They have a constant issue with alcohol and other drugs to maintain their awareness and fatigue to get kicks and likes from friends who have put up with them for years.

I’m not saying it’s a problem for society in some respect it is but people forget to realise that if one person can recover from it so can another. However, so many are left to suffer which is a shame on the public and the sufferer.

If untreated it has been known to lead to serious offences from as little as robbery from shop to murder so it’s no joke and everyone that is suffering should be allowed treatment at some point be it at will or by force. The police have to do what is best for all concerned to alleviate the problem.

There is no cure for psychosis, but there are many treatment options. In some cases where medication is to blame, ceasing the medication can stop the psychosis. In other instances, receiving treatment for an underlying condition may treat psychosis. … Some people may only need short-term treatment.

In 110 randomized controlled trials, evidence was found for glycine, sarcosine, N-acetylcysteine, some Chinese and ayurvedic herbs, ginkgo Biloba, estradiol, and vitamin B6 to improve psychotic symptoms when added to antipsychotics. Ginkgo biloba and vitamin B6 seemed to reduce tardive dyskinesia and akathisia.

Natural herbs and extracts may help the sufferer overcome the symptoms of psychosis given a good diet to support the treatment.  Family assistance helping a sufferers reality becomes more of a daily task from getting out of bed to sleep at night everything during the day should be easy going and stress-free.


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✔️ Speed up metabolism and support weight loss
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✔️ Improved sleep.
✔️ Reduce stress burnout or adrenal fatigue.
✔️ Support for mood disorders and depression

Psychosis Herbal Remedies

Mental Illness Understood

Accomplish Your Dreams & Live an Amazing Life

Accomplish Your Dreams and Live An Amazing Life

Living in the modern-day we often wish to accomplish much more to live our dreams from where our thoughts so often materialise into a pattern of wanting more than we have. Sometimes wanting too much can hinder our dreams as we drive for so much ambition and drive to become successful and we forget the need for responsibility.

Dreams do come true if we consider that health comes first as we strive to compete with others to raise our game and become more successful than them it’s a competitive world out there.

We all have goals in life. Each one of us wants to achieve something, whether great or small, at some point in our lives. We have deep-seated hopes and dreams for the future and a burning desire to accomplish some great feats.

Living a happy established life from where you can achieve dreams and ambitions isn’t easy. We strive to achieve much more to light our dreams and live a great life. For some people, money is motivation and creates an accustomed need for more. The more we earn the more we want which can create competition and more stress we have to adhere too.

Being A Part of A Community

If we establish ourselves in a community, help others and continue to drive for more we can reach our for our dreams as we help others through pain and anguish. I know this sounds unrealistic at times but there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from understanding others, creating a sense of love and unity through support and togetherness.

Establishing oneself in a community as someone that cares opens doors and creates a sense of understanding from those that need assistance. These days especially during Covid-19 there have been many situations where people needed support to get them through the concern of becoming a victim of the disease.

Some people are gifted with love for others and caring for those that need help. Some people will climb the ladder for success through utter persistence through hard work without helping others. A person that cares is a person that reaches their personal goals through caring and accomplish their own dreams with support from those they helped, that is how it works.


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✔️ Boost energy and vitality
✔️ Speed up metabolism and support weight loss
✔️ Help the body cope with stress
✔️ Curb autoimmunity
✔️ Support for mood disorders and depression
✔️ Improved sleep
✔️ Help improve brain fog and memory
✔️ Balance hormones
✔️ Improve blood pressure
✔️ Promote relaxation and tranquillity
✔️ Strengthen the body’s ability to handle anxiety
✔️ Reduce stress burnout or adrenal fatigue
✔️ Unlock better physical and athletic performance

Going After Your Dream

You hear excuses all the time for why people don’t go after their dreams. Age is one of them. “Oh I’m too old” or “No one will take me seriously I’m so young” are just a few of the things people will say. Fulfilling dreams is about pursuing something that is obtainable in a way that those goals can be reached to satisfy a life.

We all have dreams but those around us sometimes don’t have the necessities to accomplish them hence they struggle to maintain their wish to overcome their needs to the easiest of tasks.

I have a friend that is extremely charismatic and spends most of his time helping others with charity work. He is a star at what he does and is well represented in the community.

When you meet someone like this it’s easy to mention a few words such as ”Why are you doing this?” or ”How come you spend so much time making others happy?” At most, it’s because it makes him happy too.

The message is simple for those that are adapted to helping others. They often find great success with their lives as the years unfold. They are trusted, well established in the community and resolve many health problems that others may have.

Think About Your Mindset.

You’re living the dream when you believe you’re living the dream. To live the dream means taking something from the future; ‘the dream’, and combining it with something in the present; ‘living’. So to ‘live’ the ‘dream’ means to see the future in the present from the past and being able to enjoy a life you love.

On numerous occasions, I’ve met people that had a difficult childhood and it related a lot to the struggles I had at school as a child trying to pass my exams, living without a real farther and not having the support I wished for at that early age.

I was extremely successful at geography and even though I wasn’t a popular student, I did work hard at school and later on in life I lived the dream of something I always wanted to do, travel. I became an English teacher and excelled for five years at the same school in Thailand.

I had travelled extensively before settling down at the school and became headteacher after three years in the English program. I had lots of competition.

I knew deep down inside that dream in me to consider competing with other teachers depended on the students and the parents. I won both over and became successful in a dream I had always wanted, to become a headteacher.

Holding On To Your Dreams

So often we consider a dream to be something that once we have lived it, it’ll never go away. I mentioned my teaching experience which lasted five years but when I calculate the time I had outstandingly taught great English to over five levels, I was reaching burn out and couldn’t wait to get out but I still look at it as a super successful time of my life.

I had used almost every single part of my energy to get my students through their exams and uphold the school’s needs to show we were a great school.

Many other students from relatively high society communities across Thailand enrolled in the curriculum because of me. I had lived the dream and it was time to leave, I had done my work and I loved every moment of it but I wasn’t confident I could teach at that level for another two years or so.

Success often comes with failure, sometimes we push our minds and bodies far too much to reach our highest levels of adrenalin to accomplish our dreams.

We forget, that even though we are strong it could catch up with us. Like my teaching, I had lived the dream and travelled and taught English around the world even after Thailand but I do remember a major burnout at least two times during my teaching days.

Dreams do come true, I know I’ve lived it, after over 80 cities and 38 countries worldwide I can hold my hand up and say if I hadn’t have gone out to search for my dream none of it would have happened. I have excelled and now I wish for others to do the same, it’s something I wish to accomplish as I move on with my own life for others.

Grasping On To The Moment

Today, I feel great for the achievements I have conquered and even though away from home for so long has affected my home relationship through the way I have changed over the years I still feel there is an enormous amount of travel left in me. It’s about grasping on to the moment and knowing the time is right to mover on.

When I accommodate for others ideas and listen I feel excited about others that grasp on to their dreams in the belief that someday they can achieve over and over again. If your reading this and feel you’re getting my drift it’s exactly how I feel, to help you too.

If you remain specific with what you want to go out and achieve you can create a measurable plan to reach out for what you want in life be it helping others or yourself. Make your goals achievable, reachable and realistic. Incorporate your dreams with time and manage a time you are able to go grasp onto and create a moment to succeed.

Timely goals have a time limit, such as a deadline, will help the goal be accomplished.  Choose short-term goals like daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals (versus long-term goals like 1 year or 5-year goals.

Watching your peers hit major milestones can be frustrating, especially when those same accomplishments seem to be slipping through your fingers. Comparing yourself to others is almost unavoidable, but try not to let it get to you.

Trade negative self-talk for positive affirmations and replace envy with gratitude. Celebrating even your smallest victories gives you the perfect self-esteem boost to help you take on your next challenge. Be the person you want to be and take hold of the reigns to establish a future that you have worked hard for and if you haven’t, give it a shot and you’ll be surprised at the results.