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Thank-You for visiting my website from where I welcome people just like you with open arms to learn about various mental health problems that are the cause for suffering within. Learn how to deal with mental health problems and what kind of support you’ll need to conquer the illness to find love, honesty and contentment in your daily lives again.

My website, Dedicated Direction is a guide about various health issues with remedies I have chosen to assist you with a healthier outlook for life. Although not always a cure my chosen herbal remedies have been chosen to help you improve your health given you to eat. sleep and maintain a healthier life when taking them.

The whole idea is not just to feel cured but to feel even more vibrant, active with the various remedies, I have chosen for you. I’ve partnered up with various businesses who support my website with in-depth instructions on how to take your herbal remedies and which ones will suit your condition better.

I have written this website to attract attention from those that need help today,  for those that have already been cured but want to stabilise their conditions further or for those that want to remain healthy not to fall sick from an illness in the future. I’ve covered all three as I believe my remedies do work if you’re looking for the right direction for health.

I feel great independence in writing this website for improvement of mental health from where the real reason is to share my everlasting in-depth story about how I achieved my goal in progressing through a mental health problem that haunted me for a long time to live an active normal life once again. I feel I have achieved the impossible.

About Me

My name is Stephen and I’ve travelled lot’s over the years from where I was able to enjoy new languages, cultures and foods from around the world. I have lived in South Korea, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and travelled to many more countries around the world from where I have learned so much through teaching business English.

In 2006 I suffered from a nervous breakdown that changed my life for the worse and it was unexpected to feel so lonely in my life after such a great life in travel. Please feel free to read my website to learn more about what happened to me and how I dealt with the problem back home in England after around 5 years abroad.

These days I’m excited to write again and share my stories from travel and other projects I have taken on to improve my writing skills and create website businesses that I love to share with the world. Most of my website projects are about helping people. I miss teaching English and travelling but feel it’s something I’ve already achieved during my years overseas.

There is so much to be learned from each other when we experience bad fortune and health issues and I believe talking and acknowledging each other is the way forward. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me and this website Dedicated Direction. The more awareness we place upon mental illness these days the more we will achieve and cure those that suffer.

Just to say Thank-You, I’ve added a video for making the best healthiest cake you will ever taste. Hey, It’s not all about serious issues it’s also about enjoyment, healthy treats and lots of fun. I hope you enjoy learning how to cook this Keto Chaga Brownie.

Please feel free to comment anywhere on this website. If you’re feeling down or depressed please give yourself time to absorb what I have written for you and think about some mild remedies that are designed to help you live healthier. Although herbs are not always designed to cure, their ability to alleviate stress and other problems can be amazing.