About Me

Welcome to Dedicated Direction

Hi, I am Stephen and have travelled the world predominantly Asia bound through Southeast Asia, China, Bangladesh, South Korea, and Thailand. Back in 2002, I taught business English around Bangkok, travelling from one business to the next teaching business English throughout the Bangkok area via the arranged curricula of my training school from where I passed my TEFL exam and found the expertise to become a success.

Working Thousands of Miles from Home

I must admit some of the businesses from where I taught had some of the most delightful students that wanted to learn the principals about how we do business in the West. I worked for a business that provided software for flight booking systems around the world. The company was known as Abacus Solutions. The training facilities were second to none and many of the students highlighted the fact that I was a good teacher, so they kept me on until the end of the contract.

I also worked for a company that broadcasted soap operas on channel 7, Thai TV. The company was called Pao Jin Jong. The owner of the business was married to the previous Miss Thailand. She was a person that introduced me to all the students within the office environment that wanted to learn English. I had a great few years in Thailand and was introduced to some remarkable people. I then went on to work as a teacher at a business known as Illusions a retouching business in Bangkok that advertise for Heineken and Colgate who treated me to a Chinese dinner at the end of each tuition. That is what I call great in terms of been excepted.

Introduction to Something New

My friend introduced me to Bangkok Radio and interviewed me live about my past life In the United Kingdom. It was sports day at the school I worked at but after offer went to the recording studios in Bangkok without a word and was live on Bangkok radio an hour later.  It was a Christian radio station in a 90% Buddhist country but still, I knew I had made my interview, live on radio.

Dedicated Direction is not here just to treat you of the ailments of healing of the mind, it’s more towards guiding you do not make mistakes that so many foreigners make when they reside in another man’s country. I realised this in Thailand which was to be the most special, religious and enlightening experience of my life. Opening your heart to Buddhism does not control your faith or religion. Buddhism is not a religion as we know it. Buddhism is an open school for us to learn about for the principles of the Four Noble Truths which all religions have but not said to be practised.

I have visited many countries some Buddhist and some Muslim but have never been approached against my religion as a Christian and for that reason, I am still standing with all religions to demonstrate that we can all live together and provide the truth behind faith. I hope you can find the information you want with this website (Dedicated Direction) and find the knowledge you want.


Knowing The Healing Powers of Buddha