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Accomplish Your Dreams & Live an Amazing Life

Accomplish Your Dreams and Live An Amazing Life

Living in the modern-day we often wish to accomplish much more to live our dreams from where our thoughts so often materialise into a pattern of wanting more than we have. Sometimes wanting too much can hinder our dreams as we drive for so much ambition and drive to become successful and we forget the need for responsibility.

Dreams do come true if we consider that health comes first as we strive to compete with others to raise our game and become more successful than them it’s a competitive world out there.

We all have goals in life. Each one of us wants to achieve something, whether great or small, at some point in our lives. We have deep-seated hopes and dreams for the future and a burning desire to accomplish some great feats.

Living a happy established life from where you can achieve dreams and ambitions isn’t easy. We strive to achieve much more to light our dreams and live a great life. For some people, money is motivation and creates an accustomed need for more. The more we earn the more we want which can create competition and more stress we have to adhere too.

Being A Part of A Community

If we establish ourselves in a community, help others and continue to drive for more we can reach our for our dreams as we help others through pain and anguish. I know this sounds unrealistic at times but there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from understanding others, creating a sense of love and unity through support and togetherness.

Establishing oneself in a community as someone that cares opens doors and creates a sense of understanding from those that need assistance. These days especially during Covid-19 there have been many situations where people needed support to get them through the concern of becoming a victim of the disease.

Some people are gifted with love for others and caring for those that need help. Some people will climb the ladder for success through utter persistence through hard work without helping others. A person that cares is a person that reaches their personal goals through caring and accomplish their own dreams with support from those they helped, that is how it works.


✔️ Support balance in thyroid function
✔️ Boost energy and vitality
✔️ Speed up metabolism and support weight loss
✔️ Help the body cope with stress
✔️ Curb autoimmunity
✔️ Support for mood disorders and depression
✔️ Improved sleep
✔️ Help improve brain fog and memory
✔️ Balance hormones
✔️ Improve blood pressure
✔️ Promote relaxation and tranquillity
✔️ Strengthen the body’s ability to handle anxiety
✔️ Reduce stress burnout or adrenal fatigue
✔️ Unlock better physical and athletic performance

Going After Your Dream

You hear excuses all the time for why people don’t go after their dreams. Age is one of them. “Oh I’m too old” or “No one will take me seriously I’m so young” are just a few of the things people will say. Fulfilling dreams is about pursuing something that is obtainable in a way that those goals can be reached to satisfy a life.

We all have dreams but those around us sometimes don’t have the necessities to accomplish them hence they struggle to maintain their wish to overcome their needs to the easiest of tasks.

I have a friend that is extremely charismatic and spends most of his time helping others with charity work. He is a star at what he does and is well represented in the community.

When you meet someone like this it’s easy to mention a few words such as ”Why are you doing this?” or ”How come you spend so much time making others happy?” At most, it’s because it makes him happy too.

The message is simple for those that are adapted to helping others. They often find great success with their lives as the years unfold. They are trusted, well established in the community and resolve many health problems that others may have.

Think About Your Mindset.

You’re living the dream when you believe you’re living the dream. To live the dream means taking something from the future; ‘the dream’, and combining it with something in the present; ‘living’. So to ‘live’ the ‘dream’ means to see the future in the present from the past and being able to enjoy a life you love.

On numerous occasions, I’ve met people that had a difficult childhood and it related a lot to the struggles I had at school as a child trying to pass my exams, living without a real farther and not having the support I wished for at that early age.

I was extremely successful at geography and even though I wasn’t a popular student, I did work hard at school and later on in life I lived the dream of something I always wanted to do, travel. I became an English teacher and excelled for five years at the same school in Thailand.

I had travelled extensively before settling down at the school and became headteacher after three years in the English program. I had lots of competition.

I knew deep down inside that dream in me to consider competing with other teachers depended on the students and the parents. I won both over and became successful in a dream I had always wanted, to become a headteacher.

Holding On To Your Dreams

So often we consider a dream to be something that once we have lived it, it’ll never go away. I mentioned my teaching experience which lasted five years but when I calculate the time I had outstandingly taught great English to over five levels, I was reaching burn out and couldn’t wait to get out but I still look at it as a super successful time of my life.

I had used almost every single part of my energy to get my students through their exams and uphold the school’s needs to show we were a great school.

Many other students from relatively high society communities across Thailand enrolled in the curriculum because of me. I had lived the dream and it was time to leave, I had done my work and I loved every moment of it but I wasn’t confident I could teach at that level for another two years or so.

Success often comes with failure, sometimes we push our minds and bodies far too much to reach our highest levels of adrenalin to accomplish our dreams.

We forget, that even though we are strong it could catch up with us. Like my teaching, I had lived the dream and travelled and taught English around the world even after Thailand but I do remember a major burnout at least two times during my teaching days.

Dreams do come true, I know I’ve lived it, after over 80 cities and 38 countries worldwide I can hold my hand up and say if I hadn’t have gone out to search for my dream none of it would have happened. I have excelled and now I wish for others to do the same, it’s something I wish to accomplish as I move on with my own life for others.

Grasping On To The Moment

Today, I feel great for the achievements I have conquered and even though away from home for so long has affected my home relationship through the way I have changed over the years I still feel there is an enormous amount of travel left in me. It’s about grasping on to the moment and knowing the time is right to mover on.

When I accommodate for others ideas and listen I feel excited about others that grasp on to their dreams in the belief that someday they can achieve over and over again. If your reading this and feel you’re getting my drift it’s exactly how I feel, to help you too.

If you remain specific with what you want to go out and achieve you can create a measurable plan to reach out for what you want in life be it helping others or yourself. Make your goals achievable, reachable and realistic. Incorporate your dreams with time and manage a time you are able to go grasp onto and create a moment to succeed.

Timely goals have a time limit, such as a deadline, will help the goal be accomplished.  Choose short-term goals like daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals (versus long-term goals like 1 year or 5-year goals.

Watching your peers hit major milestones can be frustrating, especially when those same accomplishments seem to be slipping through your fingers. Comparing yourself to others is almost unavoidable, but try not to let it get to you.

Trade negative self-talk for positive affirmations and replace envy with gratitude. Celebrating even your smallest victories gives you the perfect self-esteem boost to help you take on your next challenge. Be the person you want to be and take hold of the reigns to establish a future that you have worked hard for and if you haven’t, give it a shot and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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2 replies on “Accomplish Your Dreams & Live an Amazing Life”

Hi Stephen,
Great post, very inspiring and informative. I absolutely agreed with you on “ Sometimes wanting too much can hinder our dreams as we drive for so much ambition and drive to become successful and we forget the need for responsibility.”
Thanks for the motivation you have given me to live my dream and I live the twist you put to us bring our dream into the presence.
I will pass it along to my friends.

Hi Benson.

I think sometimes we drive forward under pressure to do well at a fast pace and we forget that we are tired and emotionally drained. If we sometimes stand back and monitor when we need to rest and take care of ourselves we would benefit much better in the long run. You can read the rest of my posts and really learn a lot about other health issues that we sometimes need to address and more importantly help people that need support to recover.

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