Alcohol Health Awareness & Natural Herbal Remedies

Alcohol consumption and its dependency on us as humans can decrease our chances of living a long healthy life if we don’t listen to alcohol health awareness campaigns designed to teach us. Over the last few years, I have interviewed many people that have continued to drink often. The effect of alcohol consumption can be overwhelming not just for the drinker but their family, friends and work colleagues who can be all be affected and alarmed by those that continue to drink often.

The choice as an adult is simple if you are going to consume more alcohol than your body needs or the recommended allowance to maintain a decent health program it is your own decision but so many mistakes can be made due to drinking habits. However, for now, let us talk about the obvious reasons to not consume alcohol. In the United Kingdom, alcohol is legal to consume almost any time of the day.

This means that purchasing alcohol can be accomplished 24-hours a day. One of the significant problems in the United Kingdom is that supermarkets sell alcohol at an extremely reduced cost to all social classes in Society. It is said that poorer people in society who suffer from mental health problems often drink to alleviate their pain be it, pain from mental health problems after leading a difficult, emotional life.

Alcohol and the Human Brain

Let us start today’s review of what alcohol does to the brain. Long term exposure to alcohol can string the frontal lobes of your brain, change your typical behaviours, and leave you without the mental clarity to make smart decisions. Moderate health consumption is far better than losing one’s health by reduction of the brains correct procedures and requirements to allow us to control our daily lives.

Alcohol & The Brain

Alcohol can interfere with how your brain makes memories, as we all know in the morning, the experience of the forgetful mind. This might sound like a joke but when it escalates sometimes it can end up in tears in the morning. Alcohol has also been blamed for many psychotic episodes for hallucinations, being a short-term problem or forever lasting on a lifetime on prescription medication. This can be improved by entering into a health program for plants, herbs and flower extracts to boost the body’s immune system.

The brain is like the central computer of our body that controls every thought every action and every procedure we make every single day of our lives. Our brain analyses almost every action we make or take to be able to live a normal life. Too much alcohol is almost like downgrading the ability we have as humans to exist and move forward to succeed in everything we do. High alcohol consumption stops us from learning to remember the things that are important, and it causes brain fog so that we find it hard to adjust to our daily health routines.

The Benefits of Lowering Alcohol Consumption 

The benefits of drinking less alcohol are considered a far more improved outlook towards a healthier life. With dehydration of the brain and the effects to our vital organs, our later lives can be hit by serious medical health issues if we don’t listen to our doctors. 

The effects never seem obvious to us at the beginning with mostly binge drinking been the problem, meaning our bodies never seem to recover, we feel better when we drink overtime say two to three days on occasion. The obvious problem here is the body gets used to the consumption of alcohol and works harder to clean our liver and other vital organs. Some people, however, will drink every day.

It’s common knowledge that this type of attitude to drinking can bring on many problems in the future and cause health problems that simply can’t be reversed. It’s hard work when we feel refreshed ready for a few drinks but the obvious answer to this is to drink far more water. Check out my water ioniser review and learn about the free radicals in our body.


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Alcohols Effects to Our Vital Organs

Like our brain, the heart has a primary function to operate messages from the brain to work in accordance with our feelings and emotions. Chronic, heavy drinking is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease and with so much going on in modern time medical research that costs enormous amounts of money it’s easy to recognise that drinking is a leading problem for researchers to find better cures and all an expense of the taxpayer.

Also with the Covid-19 outbreak hospitals are overrun with patients suffering from lung problems and have less time for those that drink every day that already have health conditions through drinking every day.

Drinking problems often come unnoticed for some, going about their day with a drink here and a drink there is where it all starts. Drinking can be triggered by many outlining issues of your lifestyles depending on who you are, your job, overall lifestyle and how much time you have to drink each day unnoticed by those that know you.

Chronic alcohol consumption can ruin the liver by means of stopping it working and the liquids that enter into your body via your mouth and through your bowels.  Oxidants are reactive molecules that are produced both inside your body and the environment that can react with other cellular molecules in your body such as protein, DNA and lipids. When it does that, it damages molecules and it’s what causes disease and inflammation in your liver.

A Guide for Health and Social Care Professionals

Written by an experienced academic author, lecturer and practitioner, this comprehensive textbook provides an introduction to alcohol and drug misuse. It presents: The context of alcohol and drug misuse, and the nature and theories of addiction, including a historical overview and policy initiatives in contemporary society

Drinking & Cancer Conditions

Chronic drinkers of alcohol are more likely to develop throat, mouth or oesophagus cancer which is normally a long term effect from drinking excessively. It’s known that many long-term drinkers may develop symptoms when drinking over the years, however,  it’s not understood the amount of consumption of alcohol would normally lead to this.

The obvious lesson here is if your a heavy drinker to reduce your alcohol intake slowly and eventually cease to drink alcohol at all, especially if you have any symptoms that cause you to be concerned about at this time.

Drinking every day is not necessarily an alcoholic, however, it opens up the factual evidence that the need for alcohol for whatever reason is taking over your mind. If your unsure about the consumption of alcohol during short periods and feel desperate in any way go to see your doctor and explain you need help for withdrawal. Be honest and straight to the point and explain that you have had enough. 

Limiting alcohol may decrease the risk of cancer recurrence. This is because alcohol not only is a risk factor for some cancers, such as head, neck and breast cancers, but it also contributes to weight gain. Excess weight is linked to poor health including cancer.

What Can Alcohol Cause?

Knowing Your Alcohol Limits
  1. Alcohol may lead to weight gain.
  2. Alcohol interferes with memory and learning.
  3. Alcohol increases the likelihood that you will use other drugs.
  4. Alcohol increases your risk of developing cancer.
  5. Alcohol can lead to liver disease and other severe, chronic diseases.
  6. Alcohol can cause abusive and uncontrollable behaviour.
  7. Alcohol can Sexual dysfunction.
  8. Alcohol can cause irregular sleeping patterns.
  9. Alcohol can cause thrombosis.

Alcohol and The Damaging Effects

People that drink to much have a hard time keeping their immune system strong and it’s a known fact that if you are already being treated for misuse and taking medication the chances are it won’t work as well if at all. It cancels out the chance of a full revovery. With lungs, the chances are you may develop pneumonia or tuberculous if your a heavy frequent drinker. When I say, drinker that means any form of alcohol that is consumed heavily over long periods.

It’s nothing to worry about now if your reading this review and thinking my goodness I drink too much.  The real reason for reviewing alcohol consumption is to enlighten and give people like you a chance to think about tomorrow to make changes in your life to feel free from the reins of alcohol and it’s long term effects.

I’ve listed various ailments and natural alcohol consumption solutions in this review for you to consider. Most of my time I’m revising and delivering factual information and partnering up with some great programs that are designed to help you recover or protect you from illnesses to lead a healthy, normal and satisfying life.

You can learn far more today by visiting and reading about many projects I have implemented in the terms of natural herbs, plant and flower extracts. Making changes can be difficult at times, therefore I suggest finding new hobbies, interests and changes to your daily routine to keep your mind occupied away from alcohol.


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  • Help improve brain fog and memory
  • Balance hormones
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How to Learn About natural Herbs and Remedies

Excessive alcohol abuse or consumption is a leading cause of pancreatic problems and can be an extremely uncomfortable condition to have to deal with. Also fatigue and feeling tired all the time is a common effect of alcohol and can make people lazy and unable to lift themselves out of bed or away from the sofa for a daily routine of health and happiness. Alcohol abuse can damage your intestines which may lead to bouts of diarrhoea. 

Living an Enthusiastic Life

Eating healthy food and natural herb and plant extracts on a regular daily basis can help you lead a much better life of longevity, increase your love life and awareness for others. You will be attracting people towards your culinary expertise far more making a new friend to cook for. You will learn far more about love and desire from my love and contentment review.

I know this review at most is overwhelming, however, I mean well to assist everyone that follows a dedicated direction to recover and live a happy, normal and enthusiastic life. Moving on to cover this whole alcohol consumption review. I can explain that alcohol over the long term can lead to infertility which can cause stress on relationships. A pregnant woman that drinks while carrying her child can cause birth defects and although this is less proven it is a fact for some.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a common problem with excessive drinking and can also lead to relationship problems. The less a person drinks the less likely a dysfunction will happen later on in life. Moderate drinking is a pleasure and highlights for many a good night out, however, if you are in a long term relationship you don’t want you sexual lifestyle at home to be hampered.


Now you have the culinary expertise after watching my selection of favourite health videos you can read more about the problems that outline alcohol consumption and how it affects our lives health-wise and that of others around us.

Making choices in the modern world can be difficult and it can be quite easy to be trapped in your own environment with no friends, especially with the Covid 19 and national lockdowns.

People need to be cared for, however, it’s sometimes hard to care for someone that is always drinking large quantities of alcohol and won’t change. This often happens on a long-term basis and can lead to loneliness.

If a person is lonely and drinking alcohol on a daily basis it should somehow be addressed by informing their doctor for them.

If you care about someone later on in life when they have recovered you will be their angle. I’ve seen this on mnay occasions where people have become really good friends with their believer, the exact person that gave the message to improve.

Free Alcohol Awareness Posters

How to Change your Drinking Habits

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom has been under immense pressure due to Covid-19 pandemic and need to free up beds for those that could essentially pass away if not treated accordingly.

Please consider those that work for the NHS that need to treat covid-19 patients. If you are a drinker that’s fine but drink sensibly and in small amounts so that no accidents or casualties happen due to drinking problems.

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  3. What’s in your drink poster.
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  5. Dry January poster.
  6. Could your drink be putting you at risk poster?
  7. Alcohol Limits Poster.
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