Mental Illness Understood

Healthy Minds for Love, Honesty & Contentment

Recovering from a mental illness can be really soul-destroying at times, especially not having a real meaning for life. It’s far more important to seek professional assistance before it gets out of hand.

The choice to accept professional treatment with the less favoured generic medication or with great herbal remedies you’ll learn lot’s from my website here at Dedicated Direction about myself and my battle for recovery.

If you follow my steps and read my true stories about mental health problems, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time reading my website and hopefully find love, honesty and contentment in your life again.

The choice is yours and as long as you feel great with my advice and personal assistance towards knowing there is a way to succeed I’m happy to help and give you my own personal health story from some years ago to give you some idea of my personal struggles.

Finding Love, Honesty and  Contentment

Mental illnesses must be addressed accordingly for families to help us into a normal social life of love, honesty and contentment.  We can continue to fight for our freedom to release the mind for a normal daily life if we understand the basics of what we are going through.

Don’t worry about what others think about you because your medical team will assist you through therapy and advice on how to deal with your daily life. Most psychiatrists treat loneliness, extremely well providing you find the right psychiatrist for you to assist you in your recovery to become more active in your daily lives again.

Sometimes we have too much stress from jobs and feel more refreshed as a person when we have to accomplish far more than what is expected of us to achieve and we are then we are rewarded. However, it’s far better to take small steps to accomplish success than risk even more stress. Of course, some people are designed to take on difficult jobs more frequently but not all of us.

I found that my accomplishments were not enough and took on more energetic work than I could handle in the forms of teaching at a high level as a homeroom teacher and headteacher overall.

This affected my health and constantly made me think too much about what I needed to do to make tomorrow a better day. Talking about it now I regret taking on extra workloads when I already had far too much to do already.

My mind was set on constant improvements for the school. Finding love, honesty and contentment is far more important than working oneself into the ground, something I know so much about today on how I would never have to go through a bad experience again.

There are many problems we may need to address such as relationship breakup, a death or problem with a family member. I lived overseas for years and came back. The problem was I had changed so much I didn’t even realise until people started to tell me I didn’t make much sense, then I realised I had a problem that needed addressing and soon.

I had changed so much from living in South East Asia for five years that I hadn’t realised I had a problem with fitting in again back in England which took some time to recover. I had only returned home once, survived the Tsunami in 2004 and spent most of my time impressing my employers I had forgot about England.

However, with professional help from a medical team, I recovered. I called it reverse culture shock but as soon as I told the doctors I had a mental breakdown in 2006 they knew I had been suffering for a long time with a large dose of stress without receiving treatment and on my own most of the time.

I was convinced everything spiritually and mentally had changed at home in England and it all seemed outdated in terms where everyone seemed so unhappy.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Asia but of course, that thought was a disillusion, to say the least as I needed help and fast before I became someone that didn’t accept love, honesty and contentment as a norm something I believe we all should find in our lives.

Please read my review of ASTRAGALUS for basic health issues that may occur with poor health in general. Treatment of mental health often means dealing with all health issues regardless to block them from a long recovery in general.


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Everyone Hurts Sometimes

Everybody feels sad at times and for some people, it can be for a prolonged period of time. They should not use the word ‘depressed’ to replace their feelings of sadness or to describe being upset about a football result or a game of tennis. Feeling sad and feeling depressed are two different things.

Depression does include the component of being sad but is not a medical term so to speak. Depression has serious symptoms of fatigue a lack of strength to talk about problems with friends. Finding empathy and true pleasure in living is everyone’s dreams and at times seems a million miles away.

Feeling suicidal, isolated with an inability to function to complete everyday tasks which are usually no problem at all can leave us frustrated.

Having a low or increased appetite to name a few can result in the inability and loss of meeting friends or family, in turn, having a prolonged recovery.

The smallest problems can sometimes add up to much more of a problem later if we don’t read the signs or listen to those that love us. Remember love, honesty and contentment must always come first.

Some People Don’t Like Change

I had changed far too much for my family to understand me. My actions and decisions weren’t real to them and I understood why. The more we spend away from our families the more they forget about us and our well-being as far as worrying for us is concerned.

It’s not that they don’t love us less they just begin to trust our independence hence they get into a routine of spending many years away from us as a  family member and speaking less often.

People change from absorbing other cultures which is a great benefit but not to an extent their own families don’t recognise them anymore on return.

This was my problem and I excepted it and got professional help. It was the finest decision I had to make in all my life and it was the one that meant me writing this for you today and been able to express myself today as someone that excepts love honestly and contentment as the norm and a precious feeling of well-being.

How to Recover from a Mental Illness

With early diagnosis and treatment, many people fully recover from their mental illness or can manage their symptoms by themselves. However, some people become disabled because of chronic or severe mental illness, many others are able to live full productive lives. Finding a method to recover a little a lot or completely is the key to success and mental strength.

It’s all about the realization of knowing there is a problem doing something about it before it gets out of hand and materialises into a higher state of psychotic suffering.

People tend to compare themselves with others and become much like their friends, those that they have perhaps spent years with.

For me travelling and working abroad meant working in a completely different environment than I was used to but with the same people.

I was the school headteacher which wasn’t easy with my friends working under my authority. I suffered some paranoia and thoughts of my teaching associates speaking about me which did happen but it was Job to be a good teacher and a voice for other teachers when various problems arose about teaching methods or behaviour a relaying the problems the school management.

It took a lot of other things that mounted up over a year for my mental breakdown to progress into a really bad experience including a relationship breakdown due to stress and as mentioned the hard work that included looking after 14 other foreign teachers.

I’ve mentioned some steps below for you to make that realisation to make that move towards recovery with an explanation by helping you realise that sometimes even though we don’t admit to having a problem others especially close family and friends see the difference in us.

    • Being able to make choices.
    • Taking steps to improve the quality of life.
    • Discovering and trying out new things.
    • Working towards future goals.
    • Being part of the local community and make a worthwhile contribution.
    • Having meaningful relationships.
    • Loving and being loved

My mental state of mind meant taking medicine designed to stable the mind and control the problem for some years. With this in mind, I had to think about the damage it could have done to my liver over a long duration of time.

A was prescribed generic medication which can have effects on the liver. This is the reason I was under constant surveillance from a medical team such as a GP and the Home Care Treatment Team back in England making sure there were no long term side effects on my organs with the medical treatment.

These Small steps made sure my body reacted to the medication in a responsive way with no long term effects of taking the medication to heal the mental problem of stress.

I’ve since tried a healthier alternative herbal treatment and Chinese medication to find my health even more to my recovery compared to in the hospital all those years ago. I eat well and drink less as far as my social life goes.

Our liver is a vital organ that deals with the intake of medication and liquids and should be looked after and taken seriously hence the constant surveillance from the Home Care Treatment Team and GP, I had back in 2007

Living with a healthy liver is crucial to the recovery of an illness. Due to my lifestyle abroad, I had pushed my body too far and returning back from overseas I was asked by doctors if they could keep track of my liver with blood tests every three months. Of course, I excepted and there has been no problem.

Basically, they knew I had lived a super social life and were concerned about my wellbeing after suffering from a mental illness previously they wanted to make sure I could fully recover with their help and the medication that was prescribed designed to level the mind.

I’ve listed some of the main categories that are designed to help create a strong liver and stronger mind to continue with your own personal health program you may be on or to improve the functions of your vital organs and overall mental strength of a healthy liver overall.

I would love you to take time to comment below and tell me if you believe that love, honesty and contentment are important to you for a better more stable life and also if you have a story you can share with me. Please also take a look at my program I’ve set out for you in the form of herbal remedies.

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23 replies on “Healthy Minds for Love, Honesty & Contentment”

Mental illness is defiantly a problem for people,  although many of them refuse to admit they need help, it can be obvious or sometimes not easily recognized by others or family.

I have recently lost 2 people I knew due to ongoing mental issues. Unfortunately they chose a different path other than continuing to seek medical help. 

I do know with taking medication we need to keep a watchful eye on the liver to prevent other medical issues, such as liver failure.

Where would you recommend for somebody with depression issues to go for help?

I’ve just built a partnership with a business called Primal Herb that has helped me it’s not overly expensive and has really opened my eyes to such things as healthy eating and staying away from coffee etc. You can find them on my website if you return.

It’s really sad when someone takes another direction and refuses help or looses the motivation to live. I suggest people to come here to my website to read about my life and some natural remedy help.

Hello dear, wow what wonderful content you have here, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post online I must say these page had been helpful alit, I believe these is exactly what my friends need he has been mentally I’ll for some time now, and I believe he’ll find these page amazing, thanks for the info

Hi Skuchmane

Thanks for your comment and I’m delighted to know this post has helped you understand some more about various mental illnesses and how to cope with them. The key for me is research well and use what I already know as a struggle I once had some years ago which helps me now write about it to help others.

Thanks for your kind words about my website. I wrote it for people to learn more about recovery or making sure problems don’t arise before we can do something about it. I think the herbal remedies I’ve included recently should help people with various conditions with lot’s of information to read about before purchase.

Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains detailed information’s one needs to be aware of in times like this. I will be sharing this with a couple of friends. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading there is still a lot of work to do for my project with health being at the top of my list in helping others with various remedies to try that can help mental health problems overall mostly coming from a herbal background.

hello dear I must compliment your writing skill regarding this awesome article have here on drawing a new line for standardization in life to recover.. it’s pretty difficult since such an amazing article I must say that you are talented and I wish to visit your website more often to get to read more of your awesome and intriguing articles written by you…

Thanks, Evans the key point here is staying on topic and research well. I have been through a lot myself over the years so do understand about mental health problems that may arise in our lives over the years and how to deal with them.

Hi! Great story of recovery and resilience! You realized you needed help when you moved back to England. For others that don’t realize they need help with their mental issues, how can family or friends approach the situation so that the person can get the needed help?

And Kudos to you for being a teacher! I’m a Special Education teacher and I know the struggles and stress of the job is very demanding.

Teaching English overseas was really rewarding for me but after five years I broke down after far too much effort and stress but I got through it with strength and a healthy outlook on life. Teaching can bring on a lot of stress but it can be rewarding with a balance on how much we should teach, which levels we prefer and also how much assistance we get for our lessons from other teachers working together as a team. I think these days teaching English as a foreign language is far less hassle than when I was teaching with full lessons prepared and implemented into the school’s curriculum.

Thanks alot for this information…. I’m glad I stumbled on this, I really enjoyed going through it… Mental illness is a leading cause of disability. Untreated mental illness can cause severe emotional, behavioral and physical health problem. Complication sometimes links to metal illness which includes unhappiness and decreased enjoyment of life.  In others words the tips yoy gave on how to recover from mental illness will go a long way in helping people with mental illness.  Thanks for sharing. 

Hi Aboribo

When we are settled and happy we tend to accomplish much more in life. Mental Illnesses are really common I know I once suffered but I decided to accept I had a problem and that seemed for help that’s what put me o the mend. Sometimes people forget that everyone needs help at least one time in their life and admitting to it is for me the first step to recovery.

Yeah so many people have traded thier love out of lack of contentment. When you are contented with little you have it will grow and that’s the secret of great success. Some people don’t know the physiological impact on thier health. I will always advise every one to be contented because it can kill you joy unknowingly 

Hi Peter,

Knowing one’s well-being is one of the most important things in life. When we feel contented we seem to drive our ambitions forwards much more as we search for success. When we feel content with what we have we tend to accept failures to live on another day to achieve when we are ready after a more in-depth analysis of where we went wrong.

Hello Dear, i really want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and consciced article on the topic titled “stop mental illness for love, honesty and contentment”. I actually stumbled on your site which i must say is really nice and interesting. The content is of a great quality band usefulness. Thanks for sharing okay. Will definitely visit this site some other times.

Hi Oscar,

I wasn’t supposed to have written this website in reality but I feel stronger to be able to open up much more know as lots of people that suffer should. I enjoy writing about the reality of the world and the struggles and great times that come when we are all repaired. Thanks for reading much love.

Hi! Left a comment on your site as well. 

Great story of recovery and resilience! You realized you needed help when you moved back to England. For others that don’t realize they need help with their mental issues, how can family or friends approach the situation so that the person can get the needed help?

And Kudos to you for being a teacher! I’m a Special Education teacher and I know the struggles and stress of the job is very demanding.

Mental health awareness is so important now more then ever – the pandemic has brought on social isolation, uncertainty, and civil unrest. We need each other more than ever despite the calls to practice social distancing. Take care and stay healthy!

Hi Dana, 

Thanks for your you kind words about my website there is lot’s to do with what I wish to add yet and being a person that knows a lot about travelling alone for years I feel that I have a real gift in telling my story sometimes but not always it depends who really cares about reading. You read my post s thanks for popping in to say hello and I wish you the best always.

Thanks for your comment it was really rewarding for me to read such a nice comment with regards to the reality mental Illness and the stigma surrounding it forces upon us as people that can struggle with the easiest task if we suffer. You’re correct in mentioning about the unrest in the world at the moment and the health issues with Covid-19. I think these days it’s far more obvious that many people are suffering and for some, it’s despair with no one to help them or take care of them. The hope I personally have is that the world begins to see the importance of peace and unity to help others and realise that without each other there will be so much more personal mental pain.

This is one of the most useful reviews right now on the internet. The lockdown has mess up so many people’s mental health without them even knowing what is going on. Many things affects people’s mental health going from relationships to self esteem and loss of someone in our lives and the rest. Seeing a doctor is one thing people should learn how to do when they are faced with things like this. I have a friend that distant herself from everyother thing she was doing then cos her mental health was affected

Great Reply

The world isn’t messed up it’s rewinding times to make us aware of what could have happened had we not realised it from global warming to racism and Covid-19. I have never seen this before I’m 48 and the world somehow is teaching us. Thank you for commenting on my post my real aim is to help as many people as I can that have time to make a business online and follow my website from time to time. 

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