Vitality Bundle for Men & Woman by Dedicated Direction

Natural plants and flower extracts are commonly used throughout China and other parts of Asia for therapeutic reasons and have guided western culture into the overall awareness there is much to learn to improve our health with guidance and trials of these wonderful natural remedies. It is proven however that not all plant, herb and flower extracts work without the ideology of taking care of ourselves to enhance the experience even more.

Here’s a list of the more common flowers that have commonly been used for health extracts and for flavouring enhancement.

Western cultures may be used to different types of herbs, flowers and plant extracts as mentioned below, however, romance often blossoms with the sharing of culinary expertise and the whole essential side to love. Food is often mentioned with love in preparation spending time together at home cooking delightful romantic dishes.

  1. Hibiscus: The Hibiscus flowers are well known for their culinary and medicinal applications
  2. Dandelions: The flowers can be eaten raw and alone or tossed into a salad. They can be fried or used to make jelly and wine.
  3. Lavender: The combination of colour and aroma make lavender a particularly desirable addition to a variety of foods.
  4. Honeysuckle: In the culinary world, honeysuckle is most often used to make tea or a fragrant, flavorful syrup.
  5. Nasturtium: The funnel-shaped flowers are typically bright orange, red or yellow. They make a beautiful garnish for cakes and salads.
  6. Borage, or Starflower: Produces delicate, star-shaped flowers. The blossoms are usually blue but may also be white or pink.
  7. Purslane: The flowers and leaves of purslane can be served raw in many salads and sandwiches. 
  8. Rose: They can be eaten raw, mixed into various fruit or green salads or dried and added to granola or mixed herbs.
  9. Squash Blossom: These flowers can be eaten raw as a garnish or chopped and added to salads.
  10. Pansey: For a simpler preparation, pansies can be finely chopped and added to a simple green salad for a pop of colour and texture.
  11. Chamomile: The flowers closely resemble daisies, albeit much smaller. They lend a slightly sweet, earthy flavour to the foods they’re cooked with.


Practice two servings of this per day and you will definitely feel energized after taking it whether you’re going to work out in the gym or in the bedroom. The effects on clarity and drive will be very noticeable after a few days. It’s been noticed that taken on a regular basis, that’s when the effects are profoundly experienced.

How to Improve Your Hormonal Balance
How to Learn About natural Herbs and Remedies


  • Support hormone balance for both male and female health*
  • Support virility*
  • Increase energy, endurance, and performance*
  • Increase drive and desire in men and women*
  • Dispel brain fog or low energy caused by hormones*
  • Improve the health of reproductive organs*
  • Reduce the risk of reproductive disorders*
  • Increase conception in women*
  • Support sperm count, quality and motility*
  • Decrease anxiety, stress and depression related to hormones*
  • Ease the process of ageing to age more gracefully*

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